About us

«… commit these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.»
2 Timothy 2: 2

Monterrey School of Preaching began its activities as a school of advanced biblical instruction of the Church of Christ in Sierra Ventana on January 1st, 1978. We started our first class being the instructors: Humberto Figueroa, David Cárdenas Cárdenas, Samuel Solís Solis and David Cárdenas Tamez, as instructor and director of the school.

Thanks to the vision and confidence placed on David Cárdenas Tamez, the elders from the Austin Avenue Church of Christ in Brownwood, Texas supported this ministry that has been greatly blessed by the establishment of hundreds of congregations and the conversion of thousands of souls in many places of Mexico and the United States. At the beginning of the school there were no more than 10 congregations in Monterrey area and by now there are more than 40.

The school was established in order to prepare faithful men of courage to preach the Gospel to the world. This is accomplished through an advanced and profound scriptural training, with a variety of courses that will help the students in their spiritual and personal growth.

During the 2 years of training the students are 100% dedicated to learn the Lord’s word. As the students start their training they teach Bible classes and preach each Sunday to the congregations in the area, attend to local and foreign gospel meetings, evangelistic campaigns, and do personal evangelism. They also participate in the radio program and on the Internet radio program. The students are involved in different congregational activities such as home Bible studies, visit to hospitals, visit to brethren and home devotionals.


Our goal is to contribute to the growth of the Lord’s church everywhere. This has been achieved thanks to God and the graduates who are working in the locality, in their places of origin in Mexico and abroad, such as Dominican Republic, United States and Canada.


By 2017, 38 generations have graduated being more than 250 men prepared for the ministry. On July 2018 we will host the 39th graduation where 6 servants will finish their preparation in MSOP. Most graduates are working in the Lord’s Church as preachers or active members.


Monterrey school of preaching completed 40 years preparing men for God´s service. This achievement has been possible, mainly, thanks to the support and generosity of the brethren from Brownwood, who alongside other congregations and individuals have sacrificed their material goods and their time during these 40 years to support this work, all for the glory of God.